Island View Holiday Park COVID-19 Policy

Important update 21st November 2021


As per the NZ Government’s new COVID-19 Protection Framework, Island View Holiday Park will be requiring Vaccination Certificates for all guests aged 12 years and over from 20th December 2021.

Island View is committed to the safety of its guests, staff, and the local community. In order to safely operate our hospitality functions and meet customer and staff risk assessment requirements, requiring guests and operational staff to be fully vaccinated is key.

We have not arrived at this position lightly, it is a balancing act between the desire to welcome everyone in our usual relaxed manner, and the responsibility of trying to protect the health and safety of all guests, young and old, our staff, and the local community. Bay of Plenty needs more time than other DHB regions to get their vaccination rates up, and we believe we can help that by only bringing vaccinated guests into the Eastern BoP to stay at Island View.

Time is ticking and we know planning and coordinating your stay with us requires time and effort, so we are acting now to give you as much time and certainty as is possible in this COVID world. The following FAQ will help explain how we expect things will work, but it’s important that you keep up to date with changes, contact us if unsure, and expect update emails to share with your group. One thing we all have learnt is that “COVID” equals “change”.

What is my responsibility?

The booking lead guest will be responsible for the compliance of their group ensuring they are fully vaccinated and have their Vaccination Certificates ready prior to their arrival. This is vital to ensure a smooth and problem free check-in process and stay. We would hate to turn away a member of the group at check-in.

What is Island View’s responsibility?

We are required to check the COVID-19 vaccination status of everyone over the age of 12 at the time of their visit from the 20th of December onwards, by using the government’s soon to be released NZ Pass Verifier app. Our friendly staff you interact with are also required to have a My Vaccine Pass.

What if I have a booking but will not have a vaccine certificate by my arrival date?

We realise that requiring a vaccine certificate was not part of the deal when you booked, and that people are free to make their own choices. As a result we will be providing a full refund or credit with no admin fees, no questions asked in this situation.

We would rather you leave a credit on your account and come back and stay another time, as is our standard COVID-19 Cancellation Policy, but we respect your choice. This offer will only be available for a limited period of time, so it’s essential we all get organised. Requests for refunds must be via email to by Tuesday the 7th of December and include your booking reference number and details of what you are requesting.

What if I have a medical exemption?

That’s fine, but your exemption needs to comply with the current government protocol and will appear in your My Covid Record, and must result in a My Vaccine Pass certificate that you can show us like everyone else. This Ministry of Health webpage explains the process.

What do I need to do now?

If you haven’t already, apply now for your Vaccination Certificate by visiting the My Covid Record website, where you can request your My Vaccine Pass. Ensure all members of your group do the same. Please don’t just assume all members will have it sorted, double check, help them, remind them, and remember the age cut-off, it’s 12 years old at the date of arrival. Even though some have struggled mastering the My Vaccine Pass process, please persist as some teething problems are not surprising and there is enough time to get it all sorted if you start now.

How do I demonstrate that everyone in my group is ready?

We are still working through our processes and requirements, and they will change over time as the government refines their policies, but guests should be aware that an electronic copy of the vaccine certificates of the whole party may be required one to two weeks prior to arrival. We are aware of other campgrounds making this a core requirement, but there is little guidance from the government at this stage regarding its practice. We hope to have clarity on this soon, but regardless, we are aware of, and responsible for the privacy of the information you share with us.

What will we need on arrival?

You will either need the My Vaccine Pass certificate on your smartphone that clearly shows the certificate and its QR code, or a printed copy of it. Android and iPhone users are able to load the certificate into their phones’ secure Wallets, making it only a click (or two) away, super convenient. We may ask for it other times too if the requirement arises.

Will I need photo identification?

The NZ Pass Verifier app we will use to check your My Vaccine Pass QR code only reveals the vaccination status and the person’s name, no other personal data. For businesses to verify that the vaccine certificate actually belongs to the person presenting it, requiring matching photo ID may be required, and if they are too young (but over 12) to carry photo ID, responsible judgment used instead.

We are still working through our processes and requirements, and they will change over time as the government refines their policies, but guests should assume for now that photo ID will likely be required, especially in the case of the lead guest.

Will we still have to wear masks if everyone is vaccinated?

Yes and no. The COVID Protection Framework sets out mask use, physical distancing, maximum numbers requirements for the three traffic light colours, depending on the nature of the business and whether vaccine certificates are required. The use of vaccine certificates maximises freedoms, but at level Red where we are likely to start off at, there are restrictions. We have assessed everything in our campground and established mask use requirements and maximum numbers for every shared area and facility. There is no mask requirement outside, but inside areas especially the office and café will have maximum numbers – please look out for the signage and remember they can change if we change traffic light colour.

Will we still have to worry about hygiene if everyone is vaccinated?

Yes, that doesn’t change. Just like under the Alert Level system, we are required to operate the camp in a safe and responsible manner, so we will be doing the extra cleaning, the close attention to high-touch surfaces, that we have done since COVID was in our community. Guests need to do their bit with good hand washing practices and all the other personal hygiene requirements that have been established.

What else can we do to help?

At the camp, reducing the peak load on the shared facilities will be a huge help. That means sending one person over for coffees or gelato rather than the whole group. Showering earlier or later than others will help. At check-in time, sending over only one person to the office will help, we will try to do the rest with you still relaxing in your car. Observing any maximum numbers posted will help, eg. in the pool, maybe you need to come back a little later or leave a little earlier to give others a shot. Remember we have the biggest pool of all right on our doorstep!

What about visitors?

We strongly believe not having visitors this season is important to maintaining a safer environment for everyone. You are welcome to meet friends and family outside of the camp down the beach or at a local cafe.

Please make sure your group understand so other arrangements can be made ahead of time and there is no confusion. Armbands will really help us all tell who is fully vaccinated here and who likely is not.

While we are still on the COVID Alert Level system, the following apply

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

If you are directly affected by COVID-19 and cannot legally travel due to Alert Level restrictions, Island View offers the following options:

    1. Change your booking dates.
    2. COVID-19 Credit – we offer a full credit with no fees which can be used for a future stay for up to eighteen (18) months.

For bookings made through third party websites (eg., they must be contacted directly for all changes.

Please see the standard Cancellation Policy in our T&Cs for all other situations.

COVID-19 Camp Operations

At Alert Level 2

Island View is open to the public but with conditions as follows:

    • From the Labour Day 2021 long weekend onwards, campers no longer need to be largely self-contained, as our main facilites (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry etc.) will be open to all.
    • There will be signs that show where mask use is required, physical distancing requiremenets, and any maximum numbers of poeple in an area.

Office – Check-in, Shop, Check-out

    • A maximum of two guests allowed in the Office at one time.
    • Face masks are to be worn in the Office.
    • Please observe 2 m physical distancing.
    • Please sign in using the Covid Contact Tracing App to record your visit.
    • The shop is open for basic items, but the cafe will remain closed.
    • Please use contactless payment options if you are able.
    • Please drop your key/gate card in the key return box outside the office when you depart.

While staying at Island View

Each facility room/area will have signs that show:

    • If masks are to be worn or not (inside almost all shared facilities, outside not)
    • If physical distancing is required (2m everywhere with others outside your bubble)
    • If there are maximum numbers allowed inside a room/area (eg. only 2 people in the laundry)


    • Face masks are not required about the camp but please feel free to wear them.
    • No visitors allowed in the campground.

At Alert Levels 4 and 3:

    • Island View is closed to the public.
    • The camp continues to operate for exsiting guests as an essential accommodation services provider, especially our RSE kiwifruit workers.
    • Island View has implemented a COVID-19 Policy/Management/Cleaning Plan for operating safely at these Levels.
    • No visitors whatsoever.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this.

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